What is Success?

Posted on February 10, 2019 by Aisah in Be Better,Random thoughts

What is Success? Do you have it?

Could you give me some?


What is success?

Is success the opposite of failure and do we really reach it by learning from failures?

Or is success defined by becoming famous? or to become rich? or to create a world-changing business?

Maybe success is doing what you love even if no one is paying attention.

Maybe success is being able to give your child a hug when he is sad.

Maybe success is keeping your marriage together while the other one is not there.

is it, though?



Everyone knows what it is. I’ll try to explain.

Success is when you are able to keep your promises.

or part of it. I think.

A lot of people have a different view about success.

Because our values differ from person to person.

Still Most of us want to be successful and yet I’ve met and seen people who don’t want to have success.

But they still seem very happy and in my humble opinion that is success.

I’ve also met and seen people with more than enough money, who say they want success but don’t have it.

it was an awkward situation.



Maybe success is starting and then just keep on going on. I think you should keep going on.

Remember your destination and adjust accordingly.

So if you already started your thing. and you have the question wandering in your mind.

Should i quit? Should i keep going? Does it make sense?

My answer is. Yes it makes sense. yes you should keep going.


With a twinkle and a smile,










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