The truth about coding

Posted on March 12, 2019 by Aisah in Coding journey

The truth about coding is at 2 am.
You are awake, hair messed up and you say to yourself.
You are going to crack that problem and fix that bug.
You look at the code and you don’t understand it. yet
You change a variable value hoping this will make it works. It doesn’t
You hate programming
You hate programming
You hate programming (do you need coffee?)

You are tired of all the questions in your head and it is annoying how you find these questions on forums but they are all answered with: never mind i have found a solution and the person does not leave an indication of what he or she has done.
You hate programming and how annoying the people in it can be
You look at the code again and see that some of the files you need are not imported.
you type import file.extension
you run. it works! you are tired but it works. it must be true love.

It is crazy but it’s true. Coding or programming you will have an up down relationship with it.
But once you get bitten by the bug (no pun intended) you will understand why it can be programmers love programming.

Some other truths about coding i would like to share

– Writing a program with “Hello world” is one of the first things you learn
– The more you code, the better you get at it
– if search engines are banned, many programmers will see their careers a misarable death
– programming is fun, but not when the deadlines are unrealistic
– Any person who can solve a problem is capable of being a programmer
– If someone says their coding has never had any bug you may call them a liar
– filling in excel sheets is not programming
– Not all programmers can fix your computer, not all who can fix your computer can program.

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