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Sometimes you know something with your heart, but to fully understand it your body and mind need to catch up. Have you ever experienced that feeling? i think i had that with personal development.

I remember

a time sitting at a table with a relationship counselor. The reason i got there was because my relationship at the time was falling apart and not working out. Both my partner and i were not feeling that it was working out.  Anyway this one-on-one session was part of the relation-therapy and i remember feeling really sad and knowing i wasn’t supposed to feel that way. Apart from the failing relationship at the time i knew somewhere in my mind that i would feel the same way even if we didn’t have all the issues in the relationship. But my heart and body were not catching up.

So I kept

reading stuff on how to save your relationship. how to keep your man and implementing some of the stuff i felt was fitting for our situationship (not an actual word I think but it seems now to explain what it was). But i was still unhappy. i also felt like my business was not what it needed to be. and then i felt like i wasn’t the mother i was supposed to be. Especially when i looked at other moms who had it all together. Always stylish, their kids behaving very calm and such, and contributing to every school activity. Like How did they do that?

But then it hit me.

Not like a lightning in a clear sky but more like a progression over time that repeatedly came. I needed to work on myself if i wanted to be happy. You can’t just feel happy or can you? These were thoughts that came to me when i was washing the dishes. Or when i was reading a book i suddenly thought. Maybe if you think of stuff that you are happy about or grateful for all the time. Aren’t you happy all the time then?

I haven’t got it all figured out yet. But i know life can be very demanding and we can be very demanding to ourselves in it. So what do we need to do is work on ourselves. In essence personal development. personal improvement. being better. working on yourself or whatever you want to call it, is an important part if you want to find your happy place in this world. So having said from what i have seen personal development has these 3 big area’s:

Personal Spiritual Development (heart)

Spirituality is often linked with religion. And often when talking religion it is hard not to get into an argument of sorts. But whether you are religious or not. Spirituality is important.  I believe as humans we separate ourselves from animals with our consciousness and awareness, and with our awareness it is possible to believe in a higher power which we can ask for guidance and wisdom (The Universe, God, Allah whoever you may call this higher power). I recommend everyone to be a student of the spiritual side of your nature. Read whatever you have to read to grow your spiritual knowledge. pray or meditate as much you need to develop and find the truth of your spiritual side. Because spiritual growth is an integral part of our purpose in life.

Personal Mental Development (mind)

Keeping yourself mentally strong by exercising your brain and making sure that you take time to relax is also a big part in your personal improvement process. Your  mental health greatly affects your relationships, career and education. Because if you are mentally strong you have control over your emotions and how you interact  with the rest of the world. Personal development encompasses development of good thinking habits, good study habits, pursuing ideas , trying to find ways to apply them to human behavior and more. Part of developing good mental health also is reading (the right stuff) and doing mind-exercises

Personal Physical Development(body)

Even if you are general healthy there are always things you can do to improve your physical state. A good basic measure i found that worked for me was, increasing your heart rate for 30 minutes a day. This can be done by walking for 30 minutes a day. a dance morning routine. sit-ups or  pushups for 30 minutes at any time of the day you want. Other ideas in this area are. learning about eating better food, developing a good skincare routine, getting enough sleep (if you are working too hard)


i have found that deepening your understanding in at least one of these areas will help you guide in the other ones. They are connected in a sort. In my search for

more information about personal development and being better as a person in general i found that a distinction in these area also can be made. Emotional Development and Social development. For me i find that you can put emotional development in the area of spiritual development (heart) and social development in the area of mentaldevelopment.


“to truly understand something you should understand it with your mind, body and spirit”


Exercises to develop in the areas of personal development:

  • – Practicing Gratitude
  • – Routine (for example a morning routine or skincare routine)
  • – Visualizing (goals and dreams)
  • – Habits


As last note

Personal development is a lifelong process. it kind of never stops. But how do you keep going? i think it is important to set a space and time in the week aside to work on yourself. For example on Saturday three o’clock i am going to read or implement something from the mental area. Also decide: In what area would you like to bebetter? for example something from the Mental development area. work on that. you will get insight on how the rest of it will catch up.


I believe in you

With a twinkle and smile,




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