Starting over again in spite of the ache.

Posted on May 22, 2019 by Aisah in Be Better,Personal Improvement

Despite having a lot of information for writing, despite having a lot of ideas for coding, despite having the most wonderful analytical and creative souls in my circle of friendship and family-ship:

I have been feeling tapped out.

The articles on my blog have seen a full stop for a solid 2 months now because i have been busy with my kids. My coding hours have seen a decrease because i have been testing. And even the testing has been slow because somehow my planning does not add up. My oven has not been giving the smell of cookies in a while and even my kid has been saying: “Mom, you don’t seem to bake anymore. Let’s get the cookies from the store.” (Ouch!)

I know what you’re thinking. Eve, my dear friend. Excuses. You have stopped doing things consistently and now you need to get back on track. But to be honest, I actually have no idea how to get back on track.

Do you know the feeling?

Feeling that you have a lot to offer to this world and on some level, you know that at this point it is about

cultivating the right mindset, habits and tools to support that.


Yet somehow, we fall victim to this paralysis or procrastination thing

  • We keep going in circles to find the best solution
  • You have these analytical and creative parts pull you at the same strength that make you do this decision less thing about saying the right stuff
  • We have so much opportunities and choices yet we don’t feel blessed because we don’t feel worthy because we’re not sure if we will choose wisely

So how to get back to it all? I think as follows

start with small goals (again) with maybe a little force.

Everyone who ever has achieved a form of mastery has had to force themselves at some point. let’s say 250 words a day. Letting my usual 500 words a post go for now.

any decision is better than no decision at all

Just sit down and do it. Can’t decide which title? Just pick the 3rd one you thought about

more positive language

I am healing. we are getting better. This is going well

I am going to ditch perfect and aim for workable

I really hope this post is workable for you guys. Cause in my eyes it is far from perfect.


Let’s just keep going. At least one post a week until at least the end of 2019. Who is going to keep me company? Comment or PM me


With a twinkle and smile,





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