Something about selftalk

Posted on February 4, 2019 by Aisah in Be Better,Random thoughts

Something about self-talk. Become aware of your self-talk

Self-talk is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. Becoming aware of this story will help you manage the way you tell yourself this narrative. And i hate to say it but chances are you are not very kind to yourself. If you would have a boss that talked about you the way you are talking to yourself. You would quit that job in a week.

And yes what happens to us matters, but what matters more is the story you tell yourself about what happened. Is what happened to you your whole story or part of the story? And how did you deal with it? Not react to it.

We ourselves connect memories and emotions to what happens to us, and from those memories and emotions we create stories or narratives. And we repeat that story to ourselves and it will be around when we need to make important choices. So you need to listen to yourself and analyze your self-talk. Is the story you are telling yourself helping you? If not tell yourself a different story that will help you. On repeat.

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