Some things to remember when going through personal turbulence

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Aisah in Be Better,Random thoughts

It Sucks

Personal turbulence sucks. We are protecting our childeren as much as possible from it and if we could avoid it or make it dissappear we would do that in a heartbeat.
However in some weird distance or thought chamber of our brains we also know it’s a place where learn our biggest life lessons.

When the unexpected happens it is very easy to wallow. And think about ways you could have avoided this or think about moments where you should have known or acted better. I know it you are bruised, you are scattered and the broken pieces you’ve picked up are in no way fitting the way they are supposed to.

Things you can practice

I am going trough personal turbulence right now. It’s so scary i can’t even say it out loud without having tears running down and having my heart beating so fast that it can be compared to a running session. (and i run pretty fast if i say so myself). All i know is what they say and they that you can practice your way out of this feeling.

So here they are:

Remember that you have overcome challenges before

Never underestimate your abilities. You have always been confronted withe challenges
your skills are sharper now and you are more resilient. You have been shaken before yet you are still here.

Not getting what you want may be a blessing

Sometimes when we are set on what we want, we go all the way to get it. The best of us are like that. We have goals and values and we want to live up to them to best of our abilities. It doesn’t matter how much you get rejected, burned or even have to change a standard at a certain point. You remain fixed on it.

It is hard but sometimes you need to take a step back, because maybe some rejections are only pushing you away from a situation that can throw you off a cliff. Your life today might be harder and unbearable only to tell you that what you are seeking is not good for you

Allow yourself to experience it

Let your heart feel the pain and find the joy. Yes the joy. cause this is also what it means to be alive. We all have a 1 in a number-so-big-i-can’t-prounounce-it chance to be alive. We should be grateful for it.

Allow yourself to have some fun and be kind to yourself

Sometimes when we are going trough stuff and having so much responsibilitues we may also feel like we are not deserving of certain things like having some fun. A bit of fun can uplift your mood and have a positive effect on your mind and body. So
go out for that drink, play games and have a laugh

There is always someting to be thankful for

– friends
– family
– roof over your head
– The meal you just had
– your kids or kids you “borrow” from your friends and family
– health
– (need i go on?)

When times get tough know you can pull trough and reach new levels of greatness. Badass people always rise. You will thrive. I know you will

With a twinkle and a smile,




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