Simple Healthy Smoothie for Energy and Hydration

Posted on November 10, 2017 by Aisah in Recipes,Smoothies

Simple Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Here is a simple recipe for a delicious and healthy smoothie. It contains banana, cucumber and spinach. No sugar added. The banana is already very sweet and gives you a lot of energy. The cucumber is for hydration and the spinach is for vitamins. The honey you see in the ingredients picture is optional. i did not put any in mine because i found that the banana was already sweet enough

Simple Healthy Smoothie

Ingredients Healthy Smoothie

Ingredients Healthy Smoothie

  • One Banana (cut into pieces)
  • One Cucumber (cut into pieces)
  • Spinach ( a few leafs )
  • Honey (optional)



  • Cut the banana and cucumber
  • Take a few spinach leafs and wash them
  • First you blender the banana and  the cucumber together. You can put some water if you find it not smoothie like
  • Then you blender the leafs one by one into the mixture  until you find it tasty enough. ( i found 5 leafs to be nice for me)

Have a nice smoothie

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