Should you learn PHP or Python in 2019?

Posted on February 7, 2019 by Aisah in Coding journey

Should you learn PHP or Python in 2019?

The discussion php versus python has been a thing for a very long time.
i did some research and found a lot of discussions online where someone asked if he/she should learn php or python. The earliest discussion i found dates back to 2008. That is a decade ago. If you think this discussion has been around longer. Please leave a comment as to how long.

If you are just starting out or even if you have been busy coding for a while i don’t think you should worry about any of the two going anywhere. If you are a beginner, i don’t think you should be too long thinking about “Would it make sense to start with php or python”. What if there is no work available or anything? Which one is easier? You should just pick one and start. Along the way you will find that you can see them as tools in your toolbox that can be used at the appropriate times.

So for the question Should you learn PHP or Python in 2019? It depends on:

Where do you want to go with your coding journey?

For me as a writer who programs i wanted to get my blog up and running as fast as possible. The best way for that, a year and some ago, was setting up this blog as a wordpress site. I remember a fellow programmer going “Why Though Aisah?” you are learning programming in python. Make your own content management system. He was right, however, for me it was taking too long to learn all the stuff to get the blog up and running. And i have soo many cookies to share. So for me right now. i am still learning both languages but in my time planning i set a little more time apart for php mostly because i am changing up the theme of this site for myself and for the moment i have no python assignments. However if you do know someone that is looking for some one with python skills. Give your girl a holla! 🙂

Moving on to information in helping you decide. In my opinion PHP is easier and better if you talk about it regarding webdevelopment and if you are surrounded by people who are dealing with wordpress. Python is easier in learning but i don’t always find the workflow as easy as php if you are using it for webdevelopment. I think it is because Python is a more general used language. And i really mean for everything. Other then webdevelopment people are also talking about desktop apps, machine learning, Big data and AI. If you are interested in those fields then i think Python is the way to go and of course if your employer and the clients you attract ask it of you.

In conclusion. Think about where you want to go in your coding journey for a bit. However i you find yourself thinking too long. Just choose one and start.  Because awareness is very important.  But action is the hard part.

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