Positive thinking is delusional

Posted on August 21, 2019 by Aisah in Be Better,Personal Improvement

I know that is an awful headline

I honestly try to spread love and glitter wherever I go. And of course, I am an advocate for positive thinking. Seeing the best of people, looking at yourself as the most elevated version of yourself, and remaining upbeat in times of difficulty are some tools of the game that give you a very nice feeling (about things and life). However, it may surprise you that I don’t think that positive thinking is that necessary at all for personal growth (Big eyes – Aisaaaaaaaah). What are you saying? I want to say upfront here that some people really do need an attitude adjustment to like stay social or whatever. But,

Self-delusion and Negative thinking

Yep too much positive thinking can lead to self-delusion which, as It sounds, is not very good. Self-delusion is for example lying to yourself about how good you are. Are you this glorious writer or are you just average? (just average is totally fine by the way but you need to be honest). Can you really run that project or are you still just planning it? Are you finances in order or are you just dead broke? You need to be honest and be real. You need to see where you are to know where you need to go and find the necessary steps to take. Else you will fall and stay in this level of OK-ness.

OK, but Aisah negative thinking is that the way to go then?

Too much negative thinking is when you lie to yourself about how bad you are. For whatever reason. Maybe you’re sad, maybe you just want someone to give you that attention, maybe you think you have nothing to add, maybe you heard too much negative speak from the people you love most. But really you have the potential to be great and that is in all of us. Support yourself with the truth about what you can do.


So, what do you think is needed for this growth of personal development?

We need to be in between logic and magic (balance)

This means

  • We need to look at the positives and the negatives
  • Realize that it is not negative to ask rational questions in order to upgrade your life
  • The difference in being real and negative is often in the way we talk about it
  • Being positive is not good if it’s being used as a excuse not to change for the better
  • Being Super positive and being super negative are both extremes. We need to stay in between to have a balanced, healthy life


Trust your own intelligence and smartness about things people say and do. There may be times you feel I am talking a lot of bull crap. But there also may be times you find what I say may be very true to your core. And there will be other times in between where you just don’t know and need to figure it out by trying some stuff (for example waking up early). And sometimes you may fail at making the right decision but this will grow your smartness.


Part of awareness is when you can look at your strength and weaknesses to see where you need to work on and make progress on the ones that matter most

Conquer our fears

I once read that the number one thing many people are afraid of is public speaking. Imagine that fear of public speaking is for some people greater than the fear of being attacked by a lion. It may sound a little dumb but we avoid situations because of this irrational fear. Why? You are not in any danger when you fear writing that book, fear of starting that business, fear of talking to the person you are crushing on. So why fear? Only positive thinking will not conquer this fear. It may play a part, but the real game-changer will be to start, conquer, ship and continue.


With love








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