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Not so secret habits that are bad for you in the long run and my take on what you can do about them. It has worked for me. Maybe it will inspire you to do it too. if you need to. The habits are:

  • Constantly checking your social media
  • Hitting snooze in the morning
  • Holding on to the past

 Do you agree with me that those are bad habits in the long run? I know these habits are all things we all have done and habit number 1 is such a huge part of many peoples lives. But still at one point or another, these habits are bad for you in the long run. So What to do if you find yourself doing these for too long?

Constantly Checking your social media

For me it is a bit weird to have this one listed as a bad habit.  I don’t always see social media as negative. I mean i use it to drive traffic to my blog. I have it as a tool to actually socialize and some friends i have met trough facebook have actually made permanent space in my life. It is not all that bad. But It is bad though when it takes over your life. Or when you get negatively impacted by stuff you see. For instance. Social media is negative for you if it makes you insecure about yourself especially when you compare your lows with other person’s highlights. It is not good if you are addicted to it in such a way that you need to check it even when you are supposed to give your attention to someone who is physically present. It is also not good if you are so distracted by it that you forget to give attention to your kids.

So What to do:

Go on a bit of a screen diet. Don’t look at social media for like 21 days. Use your phone for actually calling people. Or maybe only check social media 2 times a day. I have read somewhere that the average person checks his/her phone 152 times a day. i don’t know if it’s true. But if it’s true and you use all of those times for only a minute of social. you’re approximately 2,5 hours busy on social media. That’s a lot. Even if we check less it seems to me like a lot.So yeah screen diet try it. for 21 days. You will win  2,5 hour of your day (if my calculations are correct hahah)

Hitting Snooze

 Aah Hitting the snooze button. I am very familiar with it. Setting 3 alarms at for instance 7:00, 7:30 and 8:00 and then snoozing every 5 minutes so your phone is like snoozed at 7:00 7:05 7:10 7:15 missed alarm 7:30 etc.

It is very easy to give in to the warm feeling of closing your eyes and pulling the blanket over your head. Thinking “if i’m fast with putting on clothes and buy a bread instead of making it, i have 10 more minutes of sleep” at that point it is very easy.

 But it is important to know that this kind of thinking and  snoozing interupts your sleepcycle. You are actually telling your body that it is okay to go back to sleep every 5 minutes.It is almost like a jo-jo effect on your mind and mood. Get up. Sleep. Getup.Sleep.Getup. Sleep. These mixed messages to yourself can make you feel very moody and disoriented during to day and in the long run seems to me is not good for your health.

 So What to do:

For me Being aware that snoozing interupts your sleep cylce was enough to not hit the snooze this morning. But does nt help me every day So maybe the following tips help a bit: 

  • Put your alarm out of reach from the bed. Just far enough that you have to get up and make 2 steps
  • Go to bed earlier (sometimes you just did not get enough sleep)
  • Reward yourself

 Holding On To The past

 Letting go, like holding on to a pen and letting that go, is pretty easy. Letting go of (negative) stuff that has happened is not that straight forward.  A year ago i found myself in a place where i did not want to be. My best friend had to look me in the eye and tell me a truth that i did not see coming. The moment he told me was like a metaphorical hit with a truck. At that point i felt nothing, much like an empty piece of paper, but after the conversation was over it took every muscle i have to not break everything i owned. I will not tell what he said to me, because i feel it is also something that is of his private life and telling on that is not part of the person i am and not part of the person i want to be.

So What to do:

I need to let this go. I’ve been working on this one pretty consiously. But i will be honest. i am still working on it. Letting go on this level kind of requires you to step outside yourself and remind the person in the mirror that:

  •  You are not the same person as a year ago or even 5 minutes ago
  • What the other person has done is his/her responsibility
  • Blaming is like playing the victim card
  • There will be a moment where it will not hurt anymore. I guess that is when you know you have forgiven someone. and that makes you a better person
  • If you feel yourself going back to that moment or blaming, pull your thoughts back to focus

Nobody should be defined by things outside of themselves if they don’t want to. for me part of getting better is working on these 3 habits and writing a bit about them. I hope that in some way it helped you too. Do you have more advice or tips on any of the habits? Do let me know in the comments

With all compassion i have, a twinkle and a smile,



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