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Posted on February 24, 2019 by Aisah in Coding journey

Making your code look good can be hard. Especially when you are tired. When your head is fresh it is easier to make sure you have consistently used tabs instead of spaces. It is also easier to make sure that the corresponding tags are at the same level or that the loops are not intertwined.

However when you are tired, mostly at the end of the day, or just when the code is a lot most of us just copy paste and leave the code crumbly and messy and cluttered. because the most important thing is, that it works. I say most of us, because i know i have.

But I think that part of being a good developer or coder is that you take care of how your code looks. So let’s work on being a good coder. Fact is: When code is messy, it leaves a poor impression. Luckily there are a lot of (free) tools out there that can help you make your code look beautifull, organized and pretty.

Three tools i like working with are

  • – Dirty Markup (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • – Pretty Printer (PHP & Java)
  • – Code beautify (Python)


Dirty Markup

Dirty Markup is a real cool Code beautifier. It is nicely designed, easy to use and has some real handy options.For instance you can specify your indents with tabs or spaces. You just copy paste your dirty html or css , click on clean and your clean code is shown. You can then use this in your code/documentation. Best of all. This is free

Pretty printer

Pretty Printer doesn’t really have a design or anything, but works really well and also has some nice options. I use this mostly for PHP and java, but it also beatifies C++, C, Perl, Javascript and CSS. ALso has some real handy options and is free

Code beautify

Code beautify beautifies messy code. I like to use it for python. It is free and has kind of an old skool look.  In essence works just like the two above. Paste in your messy code, click on a button and get your clean code.


Do you have tools you like working with. Let me know,


With a twinkle and a smile,





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