Living your code

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Living your code

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Gandhi

Everyone has some kind of moral code on the inside. Whether intentional or not
You make a lot of decisions based on this. However, for some reason we don’t
always take the time to figure out what this code actually is.
I believe that is part of the reason why we sometimes feel conflicted
when we need to make important personal decisions (like how to schedule your time or attend to your finances)

A life of intention

And while it may not be the whole solution to making the right decisions, I do think it is part of it.
Being clear about your values and taking the time to remember them.
We drive our kids to school because we want them to learn.
We establish work because we need to make a living.
We wash the dishes because we want a clean house.
We write and code because we want to be a writer and programmer (ok, ok, this one is my personal one)
These are all very obvious things that many of us do daily
and because we do this so repeatedly the intention and the happiness behind it tend to disappear to the background

Remembering your code and intention

So, at point of writing this, I feel my energy kind of dissipated. and I try to remember why I am doing this.
Part of it is because that I want to be a better writer. Part of it is I want you as reader to know this stuff
and figure out if this is the thing you are looking for. Because we all are looking for something in this thing called life.
I try to remember some of the techniques i have been learning to kind of get it together again

– Focusing on Breathing and remembering this is what I intended to do at this moment

– I put my phone away, to not be distracted by the notifications

– I guess Just pushing trough and editing if i need to.

Sometimes the only way out is … through hahah a valuable lesson i recently was given by a compassionate soul

So how do we hone in on this core part of us?

Whats your core: Deciding what matters

You may know this already and can recite it, but i do think it is important that you take the time to sit down and write it on a piece of paper which you save after

Some values examples are

  • – being successful
  • – wellbeing of loved ones, yourself and others
  • – making money
  • – having freedom
  • – having meaningful social connections
  • – public service
  • – physical appearance
  • – health
  • – creating meaningful work
  • – valuing experiences more than stuff

Again, these are just examples, you may have some I did not write down, also I think it is important not to take too much.

Maybe 5 or 6 values.

Using your values to make decisions

Once you have decided what matters, you can consult this when you need to make big personal decisions
Should you accept the job that you have been offered? It pays more, but you will need to make longer hours.
Should you stay in the relationship or not?
How should you spend your time?
These are tough questions without a right or wrong answer. You may also answer them differently in different stages of your life. now i realize this is not the entire story, but it should give more clarity on making your decisions


Your ultimate code

You will find that at different stages of you may reassess your values, because life changes and we as human beings grow and also change. That is totally ok. You will make the decisions then based on this new code. Ultimately you will find that you have a core code and have a focus. And this focus is for some of us invaluable



With a twinkle and a smile,









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