How to make 2019 a year you will be proud of

Posted on January 1, 2019 by Aisah in Be Better

Lights and sounds from the fireworks
The smell of Barbeque and champagne
Music from different places
Laughter of people
These are the sounds i associate with the change of a year

As i am writing this post i let my thoughts run trough the things that happened last year (2018).

i try to stop at the first day of 2018. and i honestly don’t remember enough to make an good enough description to write a comparison to now. I do remember that some things happened to me, other things i made happen. and i learned that if certain thoughts can make you sick, certain other thoughts can also
make you better. So try to do the good thoughts, the thoughts that make you better, healthier and happier.

As for the blog in 2019 i want to be more active.

-i will write more and have put some planning in place to actually write
– I will continue the series cookies from home, at least one
person per month
– I will start to write more about my coding journey which will include Quizes to also help you on your coding journey
– I also want to include Personal Development blogposts maybe some brain hacks ans study tips and how to read more books

What are your intentions for 2019?

With a twinkle and a smile,




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