How to find time to code when you have young childeren

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Finding time to code or write

I can do many things I like. Two of them that seem to stick out of the bunch are to write and to write code. It makes me feel smart and I’ve been doing very well with it. But life with kids is a whirlwind of everything which makes it very challenging to make time to write or do anything where you need to concentrate for a little while.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids with all my soul. When they look at me with their twinkle eyes and put their arms around me in a mommy-kid hug. I feel that they have saved me and I feel the responsibility to be a good mom and to help them to be a contribution to this world.

However, I also don’t plan to  put my writing- or coding journey on hold until they grow up. So I talked to a few other parents did some research to try to find some tips to deal with this. Here they are:

Plan your week or use some kind of planning system.

It was good that I read habit 3 of the 7 habits of highly effective people. Practicing the habit “put first things first” has really helped me to plan and make some time for writing. It is still not as much as I want to, but it is better than the almost no time to write anything which always resulted in zero blogposts. Now I can at least produce at least 1 in a week. I still have to keep practicing this, but I promise you this works.

  • Plan your week
  • Write down when you do the things you need to do to fulfill your responsibilities. (getting the kids to eat, bringing them to school etc)
  • There will be some time to plan your writing or coding. Schedule it and execute.

Don’t feel guilty and let go of perfectionism as a parent coder writer or any type of passion

We all want to be perfect especially as a parent or the work we create. And while we need to do our best and I agree with the value of deliver quality work. You have to let go of being perfect all the time. It takes too long to wait on the perfect circumstance to write. If you haven’t come up with the perfect sentence yet. Write the crappy sentence and edit.

Get in the habit of writing or coding in short bursts

Ideally I want to have 3 hours of uninterrupted time for writing or coding. (yes that’s me) This is hard whether you have a full time job or a work from home kind of situation. We all know the “mom can you help me” call. The third eye you need to see if your kid is not climbing on the counter again. If you see that your kids are asleep or you find the time. Anything from 10 minutes on is enough to jot down some remarkable words or that  smart snippet of code.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help looking after your kids.

As a mom I feel the pressure of the responsibility to look after my kids. I have to look after them. If their dad has to work, which is quite a lot because he has a lot of responsibilities , I need them to be with me and not anyone else. I feel guilty putting this “burden” on anyone else. You need to let that go.

Examples you can go for

  • You take the kids for two hours to go swimming on a Sunday, and other two hours you let their dad look after them. That way each of you has had have the time with them an you have had time to write
  • Ask a friend or grandparent to help out for 3 hours once a week. It makes all the difference.
  • Pay a babysitter for once a week

You know if I have learned anything a useful piece of code or writing is better than a perfect one. So don’t put writing or coding or your passion off until a later time. A happy parent is better than a perfect parent. My kids don’t always have the perfect ponytail or hairdo and sometimes they have a little more screentime than I want to, but they are thriving and happy. And as long as you can find that balance for yourself and your kids and everyone you love. I guess your good. Let me know if you have any tips or if these have helped you.

May you always have a twinkle and a smile,






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  • Great advice for moms pursuing their passion! I will definetly try to give up on “perfectionism”.
    Thanks Eve!

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