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I am female.

I have 2 breasts; a private lady garden and my ID card says so. However, I am still exploring what it means to be a woman. While we use the word woman often in our daily talks and see it as just another word, the title woman includes a lot of magic, power, wisdom and so much more. That is because the women that have gone before us have shown us so much greatness, grace, beauty and wisdom.

Obviously, there are many ways to be a woman, many ways to show our femininity and many things that make up womanhood. The things i will list here are things i admire in other women also, things i want other women to know and things i learned from other women. Women i have met in my daily life, but also women i admire from afar. I hope it inspires you to think about what you believe is womanhood.

A woman figures out what she believes in and who she is

Figure out what is important to you and discern what is right from wrong. As a woman you are born with a woman’s intuition and you know in your heart what is true about morality, religion, family structure, love and friendship. Take the time to consider important questions

– What makes me happy?

– What are my values?

– What do i believe is the right thing to do?

– How do i make my contribution to the world?

– How do i add value to the important people in my life?

Discovering the answers and yourself will always put you on the right path

A woman owns who she is and what she believes in

It is important to figure out who you are to own what you believe in. As women we often feel the need, or are pressured into fitting into an ideal of society. This can apply to our sexuality, our family structure, our behavior, the way we dress. Anything really. However, if you keep your dreams, goals and values in mind, you don’t have to behave like a person you are not. Be kind in your expression of your position but don’t do things just to please others.

A woman practices self-care

For some reason it in a woman’s nature to give and give and give until we have nothing more. But in order to be well equipped to take care of the people you love you need to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Also love yourself

A woman forgives

We forgive. We forgive to move on and not be bitter.

Find your tribe

Surround yourself with excellent people. for some women this is their birth family. Some of us make friends that become family. For some this is a combination. Whatever you feel your tribe is. Be aware that good relationships fuel your soul

Respect and embrace your sexuality consciously

No matter your body size, figure or your personal preference. Every woman needs to know that her body is a temple. And hers to take care of and make decisions over. You and you alone must decide the role sex will play in your life. The sexiest thing you can do is to have your own integrity about that.

I have met women that have waited until marriage. I have met women that have guilt free one-night stands. There really is no right or wrong about that. However, to be respectful about it i believe that there must always, always be consent from all parties involved. Sex should never be used to manipulate others and also don’t be afraid to have important (maybe akward) conversation about the things involving safe sex.

We fight our battles with grace.

We know how to lose. We know how to win. We know how to move on from both

This list is by no means complete. Because to be honest there are so many more ways. I would however like to know what your list looks like. And if you allow me I will link it to my blogpost. It will help so many other women so much more. you are also free to comment and so on

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