How I recommend to sharpen your mind as a programmer even if you are not

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Programmers are smart people. We take great pride in our intelligence, our ability to think logically, rationally and just have common sense.
Having said that: Programmers are not necessarily smarther than anyone else.
What happens in this line of work is that you get faced with problems that you need to solve
effectively with logical thinking. And the more problem solving you do, the better you get at it.

Programmers regularly review source code, whether that code is self-written or belongs to somebody else.
We spend time reading documentation, writing documentation, following up written instructions and fixing bugs.
These are all things that have a lot to do with your brain.
and since coding/programming is hip and happening. It is no suprise that people
have done some brain resarch on this thing. Neuroscientists studied brain activity on several developers while they were reviewing snippets of source code
and found that the areas involved in coding were the areas associated with:

– working memory
– language processing skills
– attention
– analytical skills

Of course this needs more specific research on a broader range of programming activities, but it does show
1. programming is not only math and logic and
2. if you want to be a good programmer you need to sharpen your mind and that is not very different from sharpening your mind in general

This is what i recommend to sharpen your mind even if you are not a programmer

1. Meditate: I actually don’t like medidating. Sitting there closing your eyes and thinking about nothing is sometimes nearly
impossible for my nervous ass. But they say it increases awareness and focus. And that is good for your working memory and attention.
So i have been giving it a try for 10 minutes a day after I wake up. Instead of reaching for my phone in the morning I try to meditate before anything else.
What i found really helpfull is to let the thoughts flow. All the voices and fragments of the thoughts
that I have. i just let them happen and then I catch one of them and hold on to that one. I try for it to be a thankfull one (like my kids and food)
and focus on that one. I then shift my thoughts to how i want my day to be and what kind of person i want to be.

2. Breath: When you find yourself getting of focus. Try to breath trough your nose and exhale trough your mouth.
It will shift your attention back to what you need to do.

3. Excercise: Most of us when thinking about our mind, we forget that feeling good in our body helps out too.
So try to keep in shape. or at least move around a abit to get instead of sitting around all day.

I guess there are alot more options out there. But just take your time to try at least one
you’ll be surprised by how much sharper and more focused you feel.

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