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Posted on September 29, 2017 by Aisah in Random thoughts

So here it is,

My first blogpost on “Koekjes van Thuis”. So many thoughts, So many questions

What do i write about? Will i do it in dutch or english? What picture do i put? Do i put a picture? (i think i have one) How’s my grammar? I guess i’ll just start.

Well obviously i chose english. It is not my native language. That’s dutch. But ultimately i want to reach a larger audience so i think english is the better choice if you look at it that way.

What is “Koekjes van Thuis”? It is Dutch for “Cookies from home”.  If you say the name in dutch it gives you a kind of feeling of the warmth of home. The name came to my mind when i sold my first self made cookies to 2 colleagues back in 2010.

I was so proud that i baked the cookies myself ( yeah i’m not always that great in the kitchen) that i sold them “met twinkle ogen en een brede smile”. Meaning “with a twinkle in the eyes and a wide smile”. And so my kind of slogan for life was born. I try to do everything with a twinkle in the eyes and a wide smile.

Since 2010 i have been selling cookies/cakes on and off. and at the moment i am at a little pause  because i became the proud mother of my second child. And i am home taking care of my two beautiful childeren. However i cant really stop thinking about Cookies and smiles. So i decided to start this blog to write about anything i consider a cookie from home. This means cookies, and cakes, food, baking and stuff you can do around the house. We’ll see how it goes.

hey! i have answered all the questions!

What do i write about? About “Koekjes van Thuis” and the goal of this blog
Will i do it i Dutch or English? We went with English obviously, however in the future i may do some posts in Dutch
What picture do i put? I have chosen a picture of one of my prune cupcakes with rum. 🙂
How’s my grammar? Well, i hope good. Let me know in the comments!

I’m glad you are here. And hope you enjoyed my first blogpost. I also hope to start a kind of relationship with you, meaning you can expect a new blogpost from me, every week with great cookies from home content. 🙂

with a twinkle in the eyes and a wide smile,

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