Habit#2 – Begin with the end in mind

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Habit #2 – Start with the end in mind

The habit “Beginning with the end in mind” is derived from a saying that “All things are created twice”. Once in the mind and then in the real (world). You can compare it with constructing a building. When a building is established, first a blueprint is made and the building is constructed. To make this habit your own you can train your mind to envision what you cannot see with your eyes.

An exercise that is given in the book is to imagine yourself at your own funeral and listening to the eulogies given by our loved ones and important persons. Hereby basically answering the question “How do we want to be remembered?” “How do we want people describing us”?

This exercise, this habit, challenges us to be clear about where we want to go or who we want to be. If we know what we want to be remembered for or what things we want to happen. We can be proactive and take the responsibility to make that happen. Our life- and daily choices will be influenced by where we want to go rather than emotions of the moment.

How to become a first creator

  • When you wake up before you start your day, imagine yourself at the end of the day with your 3 most important things of the day accomplished. How will you feel? How did it benefit other people.
  • Write a personal mission statement. Use your self-awareness and conscious to write out your roles in life (examples parent, colleague, friend,). Ask yourself: How do you want to be remembered in each role?
  • Identify a project you will be taking on in the near future. Write down the results your desire and what steps you need to take to get those results. Look at this regularly and at the end of the project to see is you are where you want to be.




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