For the purpose of something, I think writing, 20 reasons

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For the purpose of something, I think writing, 20 reasons


I was recently pointed out by someone that I may not be spending enough time on the stuff that sets my soul on fire.

These were not the exact words but the point came across. What have I been doing recently actually?

I don’t know if the question hit home.

But it hit something I know that.

It was a simple question. “What did you do Sunday?”

It should have been a simple answer.

But still to me the answer was not very clear.

And I answered:


Point blank. I had no clue.

But I do know that I did something because, I was very tired at the end of the day.

So, I finished the conversation with some things I really did that day, which included doing laundry and running some errands with the kids

But still to me, my answer was



And I kept thinking.

Was I overthinking?

Am I not happy?

Am I not grateful?

What’s wrong with me?

I did the lean into joy challenge right?

The lean in to joy challenge is this exercise where you take a breath and think of the things and experiences you are thankful for.

The first thing I almost always think of is something with food and obviously my kids.


Duh my kids are very important to me.

But these voices keep coming: yes, your kids are important, but at the same time

the goal is to teach them to live independently from you,

to be something in society,

to live their best self and life

meaning that you should be independent too right?


Who am i actually? Am I really this role model I need to be?

especially for KT?

Obviously, my kids are very important in my life but apart from them?

Who am I?

A part is being a writer. Someone that puts words onto the screen. I know that. I have been writing on and off since my school bus days

where I handed out little pieces of paper too my friends with stories.

Where I had this notebook to exchange with my bff to write about our day and tell secrets

where I told stories about rollerblading to Republiek and first kisses and friendships



– Why do you write Aisah?

– Why do you blog?

– Why do you even share some things in story?


For the purpose of something, I think. I am writing here are 20 reasons I think I do it


1 I can touch people with words

2 I hope it inspires

3 I hope it makes

4 I think it makes me relatable

5 I hope it’s funny some of the time

6 I would like to think it makes me sound smart

7 To get more traffic

8 To get paid for writing

9 To create value

10 To make friends

11 To get you to take appropriate action

12 To have something left behind even when i am gone

13 To be better in my personal development

14 To be better at coding

15 To highlight people that really make a difference

16 To get better at writing

17 To get better at reading

18 To raising people’s self-awareness

19 To contribute to society

20 seeing people have positive results with some of the ideas I share


  1. To hug tighter, to smile brighter, to love bolder


So, I lied. There are 21-ish 😊. Make your list. Please do.


With a twinkle and a smile,










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