Developing the habits that support your goals and increase your focus

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This is where I am now

To people close to me it is no secret that I have been feeling scattered and all over the place, out of focus and just not getting the things I want done to my full potential.

A few of the reasons that I started this blog, was to have a creative outlet for the (scattered) stuff running around in my head, but also to kind of help me and you on the journey of personal development. Important practical personal development. Trying out tips and tricks that seem to be working for others and documenting if they are working for me. Or documenting whatever it is that I am trying to do here.

One thing that seems to be coming back to me is that my energy is somehow scattered and my focus is off and that is something I need to work on.

This is where I want to go

I want to have more focus and have my priorities in order. Be a person that exudes confidence and makes people feel good about themselves, a person that finds solutions to problems. Having habits and structure (planning) in place that gives me a sense of flow especially regarding my responsibilities as a mother, to myself and the things I want to achieve. Be a good writer and excellent programmer.

This is actually a small part of my personal mission statement. My personal mission statement is something I live by but at the same time my personal mission is also subject to change, because… 😊


Some goals that I have chosen that I think align with this part of my personal mission statement.

  • Produce and publish 50 high quality posts within 3 months (August, September, October) in the areas of programming/tech and personal development

Producing and publishing these kinds of posts will contribute in making me a better writer and programmer while at the same time giving people a model for the appropriate actions they can take in their own journey. Or maybe even examples of what not to do, if the models I show are not working for them.

  • Finish and publish the articles I already have information for (5)

I actually still have content from interviews and snippets I already wrote, but I seem to be procrastinating them. I just need to finish them.

  • Keeping in mind the goals above, maintain a good balance between career and motherhood

I am very lucky to be able to work from home doing for the most part what I think I want to do with my life (which is at this point writing and programming/testing). However, I still find it very challenging to balance that with motherhood and being the best mom, I can be. While I know a perfect balance may be unattainable I think developing the right habits will have me steering a balanced course.

My journey to more focus. The thing I am looking for

“We are all looking for something.

This something is different for everybody,

And at the same time kind of the same.

Because to find it,

we all must travel and grow.

inside and out.

in mind and spirit.

With logic and magic.

With common sense and undeniable faith “

What does it mean to be more focused?

Focus generally means there is a center of attention. And if you have sufficient focus you are able to correct your course to that center. Meaning that focus is a skill that enables you to start a task or goal without procrastination and while in that task you maintain the concentration and effort (avoid distractions) until the task is finished.


Below are habits that I think will support the above-mentioned goals and increase focus


  • Rise early

There seems to be a high correlation between success and early risers. The quotes devoted to it by famous people are also endless.

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.
– Aristotle

I really like the sound of that. Don’t you? Another reason why I am trying to have this habit is that it really also gives me some alone time before the kids are awake. However, it is still challenging for me to truly maintain it, because it is really attractive to hit the snooze button.  But I will try it (again) and rise at 5:00.  (I am thinking about “building it up”, like do a week 5:45, a week 5:30, a week 5:15 to arrive at 5:00)

  • Drink 2L water a day

After the early rise, the first thing I will do is drink a glass of water. This will set the tone for drinking water for the rest of the day, and the first part of the 2L is in. I will have a bottle of water present at my laptop to remind me to drink water. I also have a friend that helps me with little reminders to drink water.

  • Read personal mission statement out loud

After the glass of water, reading my personal mission statement is probably a good idea for reminding myself the course in my journey. This requires that a personal mission statement is written. I have started writing my personal mission statement. But I honestly am not really content with it yet. So this statement may change over time.

  • Make up my bed

This is actually I habit I already have in place. The inspiration for this came from this video.

Good advice from someone who has, I believe, a lot of focus

  • Write and or journal at least an hour on a specific time (8:00 AM and 22:30 PM)

Every little bit helps.

  • Have a personal social media diet

Lately I find that I have been really distracted by my phone. If I receive a WhatsApp message and I check it, chances are that I also check my others socials and I end up watching a video of a cat or saving a video that I will check out later, but I never really do. In the mean time a lost some time that I actually could have used to write some awesome content and create art.

I decided to only check my WhatsApp at 3 times in a day and only reply at these times. I will only check my other socials in these times too. If people really need they can call me.

So, with these habits in place I should be able to get my goals trough. Let’s come back in 21 days and see what the status is. Here is to day 1.




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