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Cookies to Share Intro

Welcome to a post from a series i call Cookies to share. In this series i want to highlight some thoughts and advice (cookies) of people i encountered who are authentic, real and show up for life. These awesome people allowed me to ask them questions and extract from the answers, the tips, ideas and lessons i share in this blog post series. The goal is to expose you to some of the ideas (cookies) they have been using to make a positive impact in their life and those of others. Hopefully this in some way will inspire you to be better, feel better, do better and execute on your dreams (if you not already are).

With a twinkle and a smile, let’s begin.

Who is Xavier Sordam

A few years ago i visited a seminar on how to become your own hero.
One of the excercises at the seminar was to connect with someone you did not know yet.
This is where i met Xavier Sordam. A young man with a calm and friendly demeanor
He wanted to start his own business and grow his skills as a public speaker. At the moment he has done several
public speaking gigs and trainings on subjects like responsibilty, communication and ICT.
These are the cookies he had to share

Cookie #1 The 5 second rule works

Motivation may not always be there of you want to work on your goals. In my interview with Xavier
he mentioned that this rule (bij Mel Robbins) really works to get yourself started if you don’t feel

Cookie #2 Do what scares you

Xavier mentioned that not living to your full potential would be really unfortunate.
The best thing to do to prevent this is to do what scares you. Do the things you want
to do even if they seem out of your comfort zone.
For instance he now participates in bycicle tours that at one point seemed physically to challenging for him
But he is proud of himself that he can do it.

Cookie #3 Finding your purpose is important

Because when you know your purpose, you know which direction you need to go in
and what important decisions you need to make

Cookie #4 Get to know yourself

This will help you reach your goals

Cookie #5 Be thankful and learn from your mistakes

After failure try to look at what you learned and take this with you

That were the cookies by Xavier
Xavier would like be known as someone who is wise and tries to be a light in the dark.
Would you like to connect with him?
These are some links

Business Fibograss Training and Learning
Instagram: @xaviersordam



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