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Intro Cookies to share

Welcome to a post from a series i call Cookies to share. In this series i want to highlight some thoughts and advice (cookies) of people i encountered who are authentic, real and show up for life. These awesome people allowed me to ask them questions and extract from the answers, the tips, ideas and lessons i share in this blog post series. The goal is to expose you to some of the ideas (cookies) they have been using to make a positive impact in their life and those of others. Hopefully this in some way will inspire you to be better, feel better, do better and execute on your dreams (if you not already are).

With a twinkle and a smile, let’s begin.

Who is Vincent Polak

The person who is sharing cookies today is a happy person who believes smiling will make you feel better. He lives a healthy lifestyle and actively visits the gym to improve his body and mind. 2018 was his year of reflection (especially regarding relationships) and getting ripped. On his instagram he documents his gym and getting-body-ripped journey. The best hash tags used i saw were the hashtags #teamzwembroek and #getrippeddecember2018. πŸ™‚  At the age of 24 he faced his biggest fear to date by walking away from it all. He decided to move from Suriname to Guyana on his own, despite knowing nobody. He was able to build a wide network of contacts and co-workers over there. And now he is again residing in Suriname and lives his life as genuine as possible. He is an inspiration to others, a real friend to few and his name is Vincent Polak.

Cookie #1: Motivation is overrated

Vincent has always been a person who strives for more end going next level. In works, sports, hobbies. And his tip for motivation is actually that motivation is overrated, because you can lose motivation. Instead he encourages to set a specific goal for instance being able to run 10km. or lift 50 kg. You might get sidetracked, but the goal will always be there and then the dedicated motivation will come by itself.

Cookie #2: Always be yourself

Even if it will make some people mad. Because you would rather have 10 people hate you for who you are than have 500 like you for who you are not.

Cookie #3: Being single gives you time to find out who you are

There was a time where Vincent thought a relationship is something you should always be in. Because Who would ever want to be single? However 2018 taught him that being single also gives you the opportunity to find out what you truly want in life and in extend what you actually want out of a relationship.

Cookie #4: Believe in yourself even if no one will

There will be a time when you will need to believe in yourself even when nobody will. So always believe in yourself. If you look at all the success stories of persons who have made it. There was always a time when they were the only one believing in themselves or their idea. So be strong and believe in yourself.

Cookie #5: Look up to the person you were yesterday to become the best person you can be tomorrow.

If you look at the person from yesterday you will see how hard he or she tries to accomplish things on their plate. Imagine the person you are tomorrow and see the many things you can accomplish. This will make sure that the person you are today will do his outmost best to achieve the best. Vincent aspires to develop himself and also loves to follow inspiring (fitness) people like sara_ilissed and ulissesworld and oh yes of course the obama’s are always a beacon for reminding that working hard will help you achieve great success.

That were great cookies. If you want to know more about Vincent and his health and fitness journey. he has a instagram and linkedin account


Instagram:  (@vincentpolak_)

My favorite one was Cookie number 3. Which was yours?

With a twinkle and smile,




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