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This post is part of the series Cookies to Share. I started this series not only because i like cookies but because i wanted to highlight people i encountered in my life who are extraordinary. I wanted to let them share cookies or ideas with you to motivate you and give you insight in life in general.

“Without love it doesn’t make sense”.

I copied and translated this text from her facebook page. This  thought is really awesome. Without love it really doesn’t make sense at all. Today’s cookies sharer is a film maker and event organizer. In 2009 she won first prize in the Kosmopolis Digital Dreams Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands for her short movie “Smudged Lips”. She successfully  completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at the Utrecht School of Arts and founded her companySurefire. Under this hat she has done film and video projects in the Netherlands, Curacao and Suriname. She is also CEO ofKRONTOKUKU an event planning company with which (at time of this writing) she has organized 6 events at different venues. She is a creative soul and storyteller and her name is Suleigha Winkel.

Cookie #1 Just do it

Suleigha has lived in Europe for a very long time. She had a dream that she creatively wants to pursue in Suriname. From what i sense it something unique and not normal in Suriname, so naturally this may have some obstacles. Moving back to another country is a very big and uncomfortable step. But she is going for it

Cookie #2 Gi Tori (It’s taki taki for Tell stories or tell your story)

There was a period where Suleigha organized a workshop film in a few villages in the rainforest. Seeing how this impacted and that she could learn the children there soo much made her  emotional

Cookie #3 Don’t weigh love, experience it

When i read this, i thought “this woman is sooo right”.  A lot of times we “measure” how people love us by overthinking when they or not do stuff. But it takes us away from the experience of love. Don’t weigh love, experience it.

Cookie #4 Not everything will go like the way you want or planned it.

Not everything can and has to go the way you want it too. Nowadays Suleigha accepts things easier than before.

Cookie #5 Accept

Try to live as good as possible and if the results may not be as you like them to, find the courage to accept.

That were the cookies that Suleigha has shared. I promise you as a film maker and creative soul she has more. My favorite from this post was the Cookie 3. Which was yours?

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