Cookies to share: Ruiz Kartoredjo shares 5 lessons on life, success and entrepreneurship

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to a post from a series i call Cookies to share. In this series i want to highlight some thoughts and advice (cookies) of people i encountered who are authentic, real and show up for life. These awesome people allowed me to ask them questions and extract from the answers, the tips, ideas and lessons i share in this blog post series. The goal is to expose you to some of the ideas (cookies) they have been using to make a positive impact in their life and those of others. Hopefully this in some way will inspire you to be better, feel better, do better and execute on your dreams (if you not already are).

With a twinkle and a smile, let’s begin.

The person who is sharing a few cookies in today’s post is a young Surinamese person who cares a lot about people. He is a captivating motivational speaker, trainer and coach, who has spoken at events like “Building Your Inner Coach” and “Women Entrepreneurship Day Event”. As the owner of Jamur Institute of Education and Advice he organizes events and creates courses that help people make a positive difference in their life. An example of one these events is “The lady Boss event”, an women empowerment and networking event, where awesome boss ladies are given a stage to talk about their life and career. Another example is the “Starter Taki” event where starting entrepreneurs share knowledge and motivation. He is also an active member of the JCI NILOM in Suriname (JCI: Junior Chamber International). In this capacity he participates in positive impact projects especially geared towards the youth. In addition he also likes to help companies iniate and execute social projects. He describes himself as a serious person who makes jokes to break the tension, loves sports, is a cake and cookie lover, a devoted husband, a big smiler and a general happy person. His name is Ruiz Kartoredjo.

cookie #1: Have a bet with yourself

I asked Ruiz what the biggest obstacle was in starting his insitute. He answered “mindset and availability of information”. The way he got himself into the right mindset was having a bet with himself and then just going for it. He knew that if he did not start with this, he was going to be very dissapointed in himself. He said to himself, if he was going to fail he would have learned a lot. And if he was going to succeed he would grow to renowned institute.

cookie #2: Be positive 

If you meet Ruiz , you immediately feel the radiation of positivity from his core. But even he has negative thoughts he deals with. So i asked him how he deals with that.
what he does, he trains himself to see a positive thing when he feels that a negative flow of thoughts is coming.

cookie #3: The art is not what you do, but what you leave behind

This is Ruiz’s motto. What is the value you want to deliver to life? How do you want people talking about you even when you are gone? These are questions you need to answer for yourself if you want to live a life well lived.

cookie #4: Communicate

Learn how to communicate effectively. Learn how to communicate in a way that works for you.

cookie #5: Be grateful for your support system

Ruiz is very grateful for the support he has from friends and family. He acknowledges that, without the help from these awesome people, especially fellow-entrepreneurs, things would be a lot more difficult.

That was it for this post, thanks for reading. I think my favorite cookie was the third cookie. “The art is not what you do, but what you leave behind.” It got me thinking that it would be nice if people thought i baked great cakes.

Which one was your favorite cookie? Comment it down below, because if you write it down, i think it will sink in better.

With a twinkle and smile,


Want to know more about Ruiz and the courses his institute offers? Check out the links below. He has very active social media accounts.









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