Cookies To Share: Razia Taus shares 5 lessons on being who you are

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to a post from a series i call Cookies to share. In this series i want to highlight some thoughts and advice (cookies) of people i encountered who are authentic, real and show up for life. These awesome people allowed me to ask them question and extract from that the tips and ideas i share in a blogpost.
The goal is to share with you some of the ideas (cookies) they have been using to make a positive impact in life. And hopefully this in some way will inspire you to be better, feel better, do better and execute on your dreams (if you not already are).

With a twinkle and a smile, let’s begin.

Who is Razia

The person who is sharing a few cookies today is a successfull entrepreneur and cake lover Razia Taus.
She is an active Global Shaper and she has travelled to many places (for instance Cleveland) to participate at events that inspire people to have a positive impact.
When she studied at the university she attended a training business startup after which, smart and hardworking as she is, she was eligible for a financing. She started a copyshop razta’s copyshop which attended to the copy and printing needs of university students.
She closed the shop for a while and only did orders for regular customers, but after finishing her bachelor studies she decided to open the shop again and changed the name to She is currently finishing her masters study. The shop is very successfull and also creates employment for several people.

cookie #1: Have priorities

Razia describes herself as a open-minded and grateful person. She loves sports, movies, series, and if you look at her instagram stories you find her going out a lot.
However she says that the going out part is usually after a meeting, when she is already out of her house. Doing projects (having a positive impact) usually includes having meetings and that’s the thing you get her out of the house with. She admits to sometimes taking on too much work and that is not good for you. But this year she decided to stop taking on too much work, because you need to have priorities.

cookie #2: Celebrating small things is important

For people who follow razia on instagram, it is no secret that she loves cake. Why all the cake Razia? “Because celebrating small things is important. And also it brings people together. Have you ever seen anyone with cake and who was angry?”

cookie #3: Don’t be impartial

Know the difference between right and wrong and choose a side. (social matters, world matters) Don’t be impartial. Nothing is black and white. Your views may even change at some point. It’s not the worst to switch sides if your views change. But The older you get, the better you get at analyzing situations and the more you can trust yourself. It is part of showing up for life.

cookie #4: Travel

Take risks. The world is a big place and staying in one place is a bit of a waste. With traveling Razia means at least 2 – 3 weeks in a place that is not your hometown, traveling inside your country for instance to the other side of the country also counts as traveling. In Suriname traveling to the inlands also counts als traveling. In 2017 Razi traveled for 2 months all over the world (Dubai, India, Bali, Armenia and Europe). She says that there goes a lot of work into organizing such a big trip. But it is totally worth all the effort. The huge learning experience is awesome and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

cookie #5: Have a mentor

Razia could not cover everything about her YLAI experience(Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative) , because it is a whole lot. But what it boils down to. Having a mentor especially in business is very important. Someone who already has been trough the process you have been trough mentoring you gives you an edge. You don;t have to figure some stuff out uneccesarily and you can bounce off ideas from each other. Being part of YLAI gave her that experience and of course showing up.

That were some awesome cookies i must tell you. Thank you Razia for sharing them with me. If you want to follow more of Razia and her postive impact, she has an instagram account and a twitter account:

Instagram : @raz_ta
twitter: @Razia_T

That was it for me,

With a twinkle and smile,


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