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Cookies to Share Intro

Welcome to a post from a series i call Cookies to share. In this series i want to highlight some thoughts and advice (cookies) of people i encountered who are authentic, real and show up for life. These awesome people allowed me to ask them questions and extract from the answers, the tips, ideas and lessons i share in this blog post series. The goal is to expose you to some of the ideas (cookies) they have been using to make a positive impact in their life and those of others. Hopefully this in some way will inspire you to be better, feel better, do better and execute on your dreams (if you not already are).

With a twinkle and a smile, let’s begin.

Who is Cherelys Dwarkasing

The person who is sharing a few cookies today is Cherelys Dwarkasing. She is a 24 year old woman from Suriname who has always been very social and active. Making an impact and inspiring other people especially young people has always kind of been her trademark. She is a social entrepreneur, software engineer, creator of Mi Skoro Pasi app and STEAM advocate. She is part of SAAA Alumni, has taken part in the YLAI 2017, and is also a video journalist. In addition to all of this impressiveness she has also been playing basketball for Surinamese basketball team De Arend. Thank you for sharing cookies with us Cherelys, here we go:

COOKIE 1: There is still a lot of work to do in creating awareness.

There are so many chances and opportunities in this world, but people don’t know about it because it doesn’t get promoted. In 2017 Cherelys took part in the YLAI (Young Leaders of Americas Initiative), where she got the chance to meet (aspiring) entrepreneurs, mentors and alumni from other countries. She had a lot of insightfull conversations, one of those conversation was with another student who was in foster care and didn’t know what to do after highschool, after some research and proper guidance, he was able to find out he had access to free education for higher learning.

When she was asked about Suriname and what childeren do after highschool, especially if they don’t have parents, it occured to her that there she didn’t really know. Childeren without parents are places in a childeren’s home but after that, it is not quite sure what will happen to them or what they need to do for their education.
So there is still a lot of work to do, especially in letting young people know what they can do with their education and making them see what the possibilities are.

COOKIE 2: We are a small part in this big world

But you need to get yourself out there and surround yourself with people with a same passion as you. Cherelys says she has been blessed with friends who think like her and like to make a positive social impact. Together with friends and people she has met over the years she was able to do social projects. Some examples are
A fire-awareness program that was held for a day, raising money for a childeren’s home that was in need of finances, bringing supplies for a children’s home that turned a 100 years.

COOKIE 3: Always Remember your passion

Chereleys her passion is creating awareness and making a social and positive impact. The positive impact the projects she has taken part in has on young people really motivates her to just keep going.

COOKIE 4: Take action to overcome your fear

During the interview with Cherelys i was really impressed by this one. She the story about how she was anxious about public speaking and putting herself on the foreground. How ever instead of laying down. She thought i must do something about and applied for an internship as a video journalist where she needed to interview people. This helped her a lot.


Many people may know the STEAM movement as STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Innovation has always been closely related to these fields. Not long ago the A which stands for Art and Design has been added , making it STEAM. Cherelys is an active STEAM advocate which shows in her work. The project she is currently working on is “STEAM Access for Girls in Sunny Point”. This project brings a STEAM based training curriculum to girls (9-12) in Sunny Point. The workshops in this curriculum will help girls develop skills necessary for a STEAM career path. It is a collaboration with Steamaccess Miami and Haiti

That was it for this post. My personal favorite was Cookie number 5. It creates awareness about STEAM, fields i have personal interest in. What were yours?

With a twinkle and a smile,


Here are some links relating to projects Cherelys has taken part in
Steam Access for Girls:
Instagram: steamaccess4girls , Steamaccessforgirls – HQ



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