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A Decision to be proactive

So I decided to stop bitching. Yasss. A curse word. J I usually do refrain from cursing especially in my writing. But sometimes it gives so much effect that I like it… Sooooo I decided to stop bitching.  I think some people noticed. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter. In the beginning of the year one of my new year’s resolutions was to read more books.  Cause you know: readers are leaders and all that jazz.

But here I am past the middle of the year and I am still at the one book I started. 7 habits of highly effective people. Starting was not that hard for me. Finishing seems to be a lot more challenging.   I need something that pulls me to finish the book.

Thus. I made a plan. A series of blog-posts with kind of a summary and my interpretation of the 7 habits. I think everyone who reads that can benefit from that too. I do however recommend that you read the book yourself, because nothing beats knowledge you absorbed yourself.

Here I go and enjoy:

Each person has the ability to be self-aware. Self-awareness enables us to think about ourselves and think about thinking. Our thought process. Like now at this moment you can think about how you are reading this post and I am thinking about how I am writing now. This ability enables us to work on ourselves and in this case on habit 1. Which is : Be Proactive

Being proactive means that you take initiative and you are also aware of your responsibility to make things happen. Having said that: Proactive people focus these efforts, the-making-things-happen-efforts in their Circle of Influence. This is kind of the abstract space of things you can do something about. For instance you can choose remain positive and calm in a situation where someone else is being really angry and irritating.

Now how can you practice this habit?

Here are some suggestions for being pro-active.

  • For 30 days wake up with the intention and thought. I choose to be proactive.
    • This is small yes. A small commitment that you can practice. As you make and keep small commitments to yourself you will see that you will build and inner integrity and self-control. A courage and strength to keep growing. After all the small commitments done great are great commitments
  • Be aware of yourself and your own response when dealing with other people. In the end the enables you to choose how to respond.
  • Change your self –talk from “if only” to “be”. Practice it for at least 30 days
    • In other words: Use the right language. For example don’t say I can’t do that because it is not who I am. Say I choose not to. Or I can be better. Your inner-response will let you know if you did right. Other examples of the right language are. I can be a better listener, I can choose to respond, I get to go to work instead of I have to go to work.
  • Do whatever is necessary consistent with the right values
    • An example of a value is “to produce good work”. If this is a value of yours you will get yourself in the right mindset to deliver the right quality.
    • Another example is : “Be kind” If this is a value of yours and you are self-aware in certain situations you will know to respond with being kind. Instead of for example angry.

That was it for my summary for habit 1. If you already read 7 habits let me know what you took from habit 1 . and if you are still doing your habit 1. I am very curious.

A last note

I keep thinking I know it is hard to set goals. I sometimes also forget them. And maybe I am not quite hitting the nail. But you should take your first step. Or your second if you have already taken your first. I have no doubt in my mind you have greatness in you. You just need to keep going. Because real success lies in progress.


With a twinkle and a smile,


“Between stimulus and response man has freedom to choose” (Vikto Frankl)



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