Be a better get-crap-done-er

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Be a better get-crap-done-er

There was this quote i read a week back. It went like this

– Often the greatest treasure lies in the work we tend to avoid.

It touched my soul. i kid you not. It basically says. Shut up and do what you need to do when you need to do it. Develop Discipline kid. But it’s hard!
Believe me. I know all about planning something and ending up doing something different at that time. Even if you are in the lucky position doing work you love, there are still items that tend to be procrastinated.

Things we tend to avoid

– That awful client whose phone call you need to return
– that dreaded conversation with your spouse
– just plain old filing of documents
– Oh the Gym!
– I need to get up, but let’s hit the snooze button

Now why do we procrastinate this crap?

It’s is likely to be one of , or a combination of the following reasons

– We think we will screw up
– We feel like it is hard, unpleasant or boring
– We just don’t feel like it

It’s so logical but true, we know it but often enough we don’t break free from it. We don’t break free from not doing the things we need to do. I think it is because we don’t have to see it as a “breaking free moment” or “from sunday on I will do everything perfect moment”. It’s a messy process where we will start behaving the way we want to but have to remind ourselves to get the crap done every time.

How do we get to do them

There are several techniques out there. I’ll share some which have worked for me the most

– Remember why you need to do the crap: Maybe it’s something you need to do to keep your business thriving (like for instance taxes, or reading that awfull boring terms and conditions ). Maybe it’s something you need to do for setting yourself up for a great day (meditating early before everyone else wakes up)
– meditate on your fear: Maybe you need to do something but you know you are affraid. Example: a discussion or a event where you need to speak to a lot of people.
Take a deep breath and meditate. Acknowledge the fear. Accept it as a part of you and remind yourself that everything you ever wanted is on the other side of it
– 5-secondrule: This one is simple, but there is a whole book written about it. So simple but effective. count backwards from 5 to 1 and then do it. Maybe even at 3. Do the thing you need to do
– Find grattitude: You don’t have to do the thing you need to do. You are lucky enough to get to do the thing you are going to do.
– Know that you will learn from it. This is always a good motivator. The best investment is in yourself. your personale self. and knowing that you will learn from it. gives often enough motivation.

A last note

There it is. My list for being better at getting crap done. Do you have other ways in which you get yourself to get crap done?
Let me know in a comment. or let me know which one was your favorite.

Stop looking for success out the window, start looking for success in the mirror.

With a twinkle and a smile,




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