Attitude of gratitude

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Attitude of Gratitude

When i saw this great play on words i knew i wanted to write something about it. Gratitude. Are you grateful for everything you have right now? I think most of you would reply with a resolute yes. But does your attitude reflect your gratitude?

A lot of times we are not sure how to express our gratitude or let other persons know we are grateful for their presence and what they are to us. I have been told a few times that i am ungrateful  by people i consider very important in my life.

I was taken back. Hurt. Because i don’t consider myself ungrateful. I have food to eat. water to drink. A platform where i get to write about stuff i think is helpful. i have functioning relationships with people that matter to me. i laugh. i cry (sometimes when i code) i will not go on here, but i tell ya the list is pretty long. I do also have a list of things i still want to accomplish and a list of things i still want to be able to provide for my children, friends and family. So i also don’t feel that i am quite “there yet”. I also feel quite unhappy that this person thinks i am ungrateful, but then again maybe this person is trying to point out something to me that i am not seeing yet. See how my thinking sometimes goes? NIW Another thing that i stumbled upon that applies to this is this awesome quote. Yes we love quotes:


Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.



It’s is so simple. Be thankful for what you have already received and accomplished yet it is such a deep thing to think about. Because you feel you can and should so much more (and at the same time it seems like this big mountainWhile it hurts knowing that someone whose input i value thinks i act like that sometimes i will try to go on and handle on the ways i know i have influence over. So over to the next step. I think i have to produce and practice this attitude of gratitude


Exercises for attitude of gratitude.

– I will take some time in the day to reflect on what i am thankful for even for only 5 minutes a day.

  • – Be aware of thoughts. In this world with all the commercials and instagram and such. It is easy to be fully aware of what we don’t have (like OMG he/she has that but
  • i don’t) In the 5 minutes i set apart i will try to think of 2 things i do have.
  • – i will ask a friend what they are thankful for. i think i will be surprised by some of the things i will hear and it will strengthen the bond.
  • – Acknowledge. it is easy to forget to express your thankfulness to the persons closest to you. But i will take the time to write a note, an app, or actually listen to what they are (not) saying.
  • – When i wake up, i think about two things or people i am thankful for before checking my phone.
  • – As the day passes try to notice the little things.
  • – As i recognize the little things try to pass on the attitude of gratitude.


With a twinkle and smile,










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