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Posted on January 9, 2018 by Aisah in Parenting,Random thoughts

My daughter’s birthday is in August and mine is in September. I remember how i turned 27 in the year she was born and on my birthday i realized: a lot can happen in a

year. I mean a year before, i wasn’t even pregnant yet! And suddenly i was standing eye to eye to this little human, a little bundle of hope, a little girl who will

become a woman.
A strong, independent, couragous woman with good values and an intellegent mind. I try my best to be a good mom, as every other mom out there i’m sure.

So i made a list of tips for my daughter that serves as a reminder for her, but also can inspire you to make your own list for your daughter.

1. Yes you can. You can do it. You can do anything. But remember to practice.
2. You are beautiful.
3. Be prepared to work hard. Having said that be on the lookout for when you have to work smart.
4. Write down your day in a journal, if you are a bit tired , use only one word and always end with the happiest moment of the day
5. Be thankful
6. Know how and when to apologize
7. For great hair, use a good conditioner
8. Believe in God not religion.
9. Know your worth.
10. Chances are you will meet a man that will promise you the world. If you do hit him as hard as you can and run away.
If he really loves you he will still be there for you. What i am trying to say is that if you know your worth, you will find
someone who is worthy of you.

I really do not have it all figured out yet, but i can tell you this.
To my daughter. I love you with every bit of my soul.

Remember to have a twinkle and a smile



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