3 Reflections on my 33rd Birthday

Posted on September 19, 2018 by Aisah in Random thoughts

“Eve Happy Birthday”
“Ais, You deserve best of this world”
“Enjoy your day sweety”
“HBday! don’t drink too much but also don’t drink too little”
“Gefelicitaaaaart Aisah”

So much love

Haha you receive so much love and chances to laugh and smile when your birthday comes around. And if you are anything like me it is also inevitable that your thoughts turn to the future. In a weird way, at the same time, your mind also wanders to reflect on the past. As mine wanders i think that 33 years make a lot of experiences. Even if you are cutting yourself some slack and even if you have not done everything on your bucketlist.

My pretty good life so far has brought me some heartaches that have pulled and pushed me into emotions i never knew, and even though i consider myself having a fairly large vocabulary, i do not know the words to describe those emotions. However i do know that 33 years trains you into being fully aware of how lucky and priviliged we are in this life. I do relate to the saying: Having a roof over your head, food on the table and a few good friends and family makes you richer than you think. I indeed am very rich.

The people that have come into my life

I think of all the people that have come into my life
There are some i will never see again, some i may encounter again and some have in one way or another made permanent space in my life. Whatever the categorie,but surely the people in the last one: I treasure each and every one of you. In whatever win or lesson you may have come.

The thoughts and memories keep wandering and i am hoping that each of you has gained as much knowledge from me as i did from you. As i will end this post i want leave here 3 selected life lessons i truly try to implement in my life. (3 from the 33)

1. Say “NO.” if you need to. You need to protect your time so that you have time for what, and who, really matters — including you.

2. Say “YES!” to what will feed your soul. Say yes to the things that will bring you joy, that will provide a break from work, kids, responsibilities, routine. Basically learn how to rest.

3. Practice Forgiving. Because you need to practice it before you can do it. Letting go of past wounds and grudges is not something that happens overnight. Still we need to try. You need to know that letting go of that negative works out the best for everyone involved. Life truly is too short to hold a grudge.

The last one has been on my mind a lot. I know we all will find ourselves in a place where we need to forgive to fully live life. At the same time i know we all are, maybe just maybe, the bad in someones story.  It is a thought i find a heavy weight to carry. So learn to forgive en in extend ask to forgive. It will enhance your life if not it will save it. I promise.

Practice Forgiveness, I will consider it my birthday gift.

As always,

With a twinkle and a smile,




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