3 productivity tips to do your coding better

Posted on September 12, 2018 by Aisah in Be Better,Coding journey

There is a huge demand for productive people and this also is true for coders and programmers. But i think as a general rule that most people feel happier if they feel they have been productive at work.

Here are 3 tips for better productivity

– Minimize distractions
Sometimes you need to do work where deep thinking is required.
This is certainly true for coders/programmers/developer.
It is good to point out that if you are distracted it usually takes 15 minutes to regain focus.
– Only check emails on specific times a day. And then approach your emails in terms of how long it will take you to reply to them. If it takes less then two minutes to reply, get it done now. If it takes more time, set it aside and plan it in where you have a large chuck of time
– Get proper sleep
I know some fellow coders who like to push trough the night to finish that piece of code to tackle that bug that has been coming up. You know coffee to code? However they do this too much. Without proper sleep you can easily damage your productivity to a great extent. Not to mention, improper sleep can also hamper your health and thinking capabilities.


Do you have any tips for productivity? Let me know



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