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Knowledge is power

They say “Knowledge is power” Then knowing yourself should be self empowerment.

How DID you get to know yourself? How DO you get to know yourself?
Such simple questions, but i find myself not remembering a moment that someone asked me that. Or even that i asked it myself in the mirror. I guess knowing that i prefer my eggs fried over cooked is not really the right answer.

An important key to knowing yourself is self-awareness. That thing that separates of from animals. The ability to imagine yourself outside your body and observing yourself, your bodylanguage, your innerfeelings. Observe yourself even if your emotions are overwhelming you.

Also maybe deep questions some examples
– Who are the most important persons in my life?
– How am i serving them?
– What is my definition of success?
– How do i want others to see me?
– What things about myself make me feel proud?

Choose a question and if you would like to inspire others do leave an answer in a comment.

With compassion , a twinkle and a smile,


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