Not so secret bad habits
Posted on November 13, 2018|5:30 pm by Eve

Not so secret habits that are bad for you in the long run and my take on what you can […]

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Guestpost Talisa: My morning routine
Posted on November 12, 2018|12:37 pm by Eve

Hi readers, Talisa here from  I blog about my (food) adventures, my interests and my thoughts. Today I will […]

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5 tips on how to develop self-discipline
Posted on September 28, 2018|3:16 pm by Eve

Developing more self-discipline. That is what i want to address in this post (5 tips on how to develop self-dicipline). […]

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3 Reflections on my 33rd Birthday
Posted on September 19, 2018|7:14 pm by Eve

“Eve Happy Birthday” “Ais, You deserve best of this world” “Enjoy your day sweety” “HBday! don’t drink too much but […]

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Some things to remember when going through personal turbulence
Posted on September 14, 2018|2:53 pm by Eve

It Sucks Personal turbulence sucks. We are protecting our childeren as much as possible from it and if we could […]

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Be a better listener
Posted on September 3, 2018|1:50 pm by Eve

Be a better listener Most of us have one mouth and two ears. You can derive from that, that we […]

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How to be a better person
Posted on August 26, 2018|8:30 am by Eve

The choice to be better This morning i made a choice. To be better. A better parent, A better person […]

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How to find your wifi password on your laptop (windows8)
Posted on August 24, 2018|6:30 am by Eve

This is a post which explains how you can find your current wifi password on your windows computer. I wrote […]

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Hi! My name is Eve, some call me Ais, so i tend to switch between the two names. I have a lot of thoughts and some of them i like to write out and share them here. Most of the time they are about Personal Improvement, Coding and Cookies. Enjoy! With a twinkle and a smile, Eve